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Reflections on year 2

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So here I am, wrapping the second year of writing my blog. What do you think of that?

If I’m being honest with myself, I would have to say that I’ve enjoyed experiencing all the different foods I get to eat (or push around my plate) each and every day. And though I may be a fickle fellow, liking something one day but not the next, I certainly have my fair share of unusual favorites: grilled asparagus, pan-seared scallops, eggs with runny yolks…

The best part is that I often want to help in the kitchen. It doesn’t matter what mama is making, but I’ll drag over a chair and say, “I want to help!” Mama once came upon me in the kitchen, rooting through the cupboards and saying, “what can I make?” And that, right there, makes it all worth it.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Here’s to another year!
Love, Jude

We didn't have any jam  or jelly for my sandwich, so Mama and I made blueberry jam!

We didn’t have any jam or jelly for my sandwich, so Mama and I made a quick blueberry jam!

Author: babyjude10

Hi. I’m Jude. And I’m a pre-schooler. I have cousins who are picky eaters, so my mama was determined that I would be a good eater. This blog documents her efforts. Along the way, she schools me in cooking methods and techniques, while exposing me to new foods. And I always give her my honest opinion.

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