One kid's adventures in gastronomy

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These are not pancakes!

As I learned when I picked up one of these golden patties and put it in my mouth. It was a crab cake! Mama kept it simple and followed the recipe on the side of the can, but she said you have to pick through the crab just to be sure there are no bits of shell. She fried them in oil, and while they were frying, she made tartar sauce: mayo, capers, relish, Worcestershire sauce, salt & pepper (all to taste). “Oooh, capers!” I said, as I dipped my crab cake in it. It probably wasn’t my favorite thing to eat, but I ate almost the whole thing…until my tartar sauce ran out.

That's me, pilfering a grape.

That’s me, pilfering a grape.

While the cakes cooked, I helped Papa make a salad of Boston lettuce, grapes and raisins, pine nuts and hazelnuts, topped with poppyseed dressing. I liked the dressing fine (and of course the grapes and raisins), but I haven’t yet come around to eating lettuce. I can’t eat everything, you know.

Love, Jude